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Malayang Anyo
VII Freelance
Tao of Malayang Anyo
I The Non-Sticky Mind
II The Martial Artist as a Healer
III The Martial Arts as a Creative Endeavor
IV Website review
V Selected Published Articles
VI Print and Web Artworks
VII Freelance
VIII Links

  • Magazine design and lay out
  • Print and Web graphic design
  • Publishing consultancy
  • Copywriting and media writing
  • Cartooning
  • GIF animation
  • Drawings and paintings 

Perry Gil S. Mallari is an interdisciplinary artist whose repertoire encompasses graphic design, cartooning, illustration, painting and media writing. He is equally comfortable in using traditional art media, computer graphics programs and unconventional materials to produce his own brand of aesthetic. He has rendered creative services to Nickelodeon Global Network Ventures, AXN Asia and (Singapore). His articles, which dealt mainly with martial arts, alternative healing methods and Asian history, were regularly published in Philippine magazines and journals as well as on the World Wide Web since 1998.